Release v5


The goal of this release is to build a solid foundation for future development. The application was written back in 2017 and technology stack is outdated. This release is built using latest technology in order to provide best possible quality and use experience keeping high code quality and maintainability in the same time. The application is still orientated mainly around notifications show all relevant cpu and gpu (if applicable) data there. The main features in the release are as follows:

  • Completely new architecture
  • Uses latest technology stack - Flutter/Kotlin
  • Enables faster development
  • Significantly improved stability


Release v6


Next major version is planned for release in the Q3 of 2023. It will be be built on the solid foundation of the previous version. The main new feature will be battery monitoring. The main features in the release will be as follows:

  • A battery alarm when reached curtain charge level.
  • A notification that will display battery's discharge rate.
  • A notification that based on actual charged mAh and battery's level will estimate battery's capacity.
  • Ability to calculate the approximated real battery's capacity.
  • History of battery's charges in the app.
  • Battery's discharge graph since last charge including screen-on time.
  • New battery tab including real-time data for level, current, voltage, temperature.
  • Improved notifications' management including option to select priority which could help notifications' ordering.
  • Custom color styling of each tab.


Release v6.1


This version is like a feature pack to version 6.0. It adds two new features:

  • Option to change the design capacity of the battery. You can use this option if the app is unable to correctly detect the design capacity.
  • Adds new type of notification - PERSONALIZED. You can now modify the notifications' real-time content as you please.


Release v7.0


The main new feature will be floating windows. They will contains the same information like notification but will provide better user experience while using full-screen content. The main features in the release will be as follows:

  • Floating windows
  • Customization of floating windows (based on v6.1)


Release v8

in planning

Version 7 of the application is still in planning and not all of its features are clear. Mainly it will consists of an internet speed meter in addition to already existing cpu and gpu meter. The feature will be available in both options - notification and floating window. Another big part of this upcoming release is the addition of the widgets as several user has requested in the reviews. The main features in the release will be as follows:

  • Internet speed meter
  • Add widgets