The Android performance monitoring app

Maximize your Android experience with real-time CPU, GPU & RAM meter & optimization
All that information as constant visible system notifications!

The essentials


CPU Meter & Notification

Gain a deeper insight into your phone's performance by analyzing historical data and observing how it has evolved over time. This can provide you with a clear and comprehensive overview of your device's processing capabilities.

  • CPU utilization - total and per core
  • CPU frequency - current, maximum and average
  • CPU temperature
  • CPU active core
  • Continuous CPU usage

GPU Meter & Notification

Enhance your Android gaming with a modern GPU meter app. Monitor GPU load, temperature, and other key metrics for optimal performance and a seamless gaming experience.

  • GPU utilization
  • GPU frequency - current and maximum

Battery monitoring and stats

Monitor how your battery performs as it ages.

  • Battery current consumption
  • Battery discharge graph
  • Battery charge alarm
  • Estimated battery charged capacity
  • Battery's temperature
  • Battery charge history

Detailed information

Know your device better with breef and accurate device information.

  • CPU name
  • CPU lithgraphy
  • CPU architecture
  • CPU bits
  • CPU single core and multi core speed index
  • GPU name
  • GPU processors
  • GPU performance
  • RAM clock and bandwidth
  • Screen resolution and density
  • Battery condition and design capacity
  • System API versions

RAM monitoring and optimization

Monitor your RAM usage for a seamless Android experience
Enhance multitasking capabilities by knowing when you have enough available memory to work with.

  • RAM usage
  • Clear RAM

All the data in the notifications

  • No app switching
  • Accurate data in real time
  • Monitor the data that matters to you
  • Organize and configure the type and the way that information is presented in the notifications

Other features

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Better Android experience

Maximize your Android experience with real-time CPU, GPU & RAM meter & optimization


Google Play lifetime rating - 4.553
Number of reviews - 4123+
  • Victor o
    You fixed android 13 grouping the CPU/GPU notifications and breaking value updates. Fantastic!
    Victor o
  • Frank Steuer
    Very useful app, reliably shows me the utilization of the CPUs on my Android cell phone and tablet.
    Frank Steuer
  • Lanuzkill

    Very good I recommend it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Santialoco 522

    Very good the options you have to see the use of the cpu thanks good job πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    Santialoco 522
  • Aripin Pasaribu
    This is a super good APK, I have proven it; my cellphone is cold + my battery is great 30%. Others pay but the results are zero.
    Aripin Pasaribu
  • Weheartgatos
    I absolutely love this app! It informs me of one very important piece of Intel that I need to keep my device running as smooth as I possibly can, and that Intel is my RAM. Without that knowledge I'd be in a world of sluggish performance and frustration. This is a utility you simply cannot be without! Device running slow? Check your RAM! CLOSE any background processes and keep your device running as smooth as possible. I give this app an A+
  • Josef Hausner (josehaus)
    Really nice done app πŸ‘ All Infos on one App what are interesting to know
    Josef Hausner (josehaus)
  • Thierry Gaillardet
    Clean and efficient, an application that perfectly meets the needs.
    Thierry Gaillardet
  • Joseph Chaboya
    Awesome it works where other's don't. It shows real time GPU and CPU usage! Even in the notification bar! Yes!!! I love it and you will too. Just try it, it's not a waste of time like the other apps.
    Joseph Chaboya
  • Emile Janin
    Very good app, that does what you expect it to do and more. I've had 0 problems with it, and recommend it to anyone who wants to get specifications about their phones
    Emile Janin
  • Michael Mshar
    Love that it has the ability to constantly show CPU usage in the status bar without root. This has helped me diagnose rogue apps on my phone. Highly recommended.
    Michael Mshar